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Inline units embed viewable video ads within text-based publisher content. This popular category of Outstream video significantly expands the availability of premium ad inventory. A detach option lets the user scroll while completing the video view in the bottom rail.

Users can skip the ad by scrolling, or close it by clicking on the ⓧ button.

The ad pauses when out of view, making completion rates a relevant and useful metric.

Only when the user is engaged, and hovers over the ad, will sound begin to play.

When the user is ready, the unit is ready. Smart loading does not slow down the page load.

A highly visible unit, it is the first thing users see when they open the page.

A high fill rate and higher CPMs make this one of the most attractive units for publishers.


This auto-play unit “slides in” from the bottom right corner or bottom left corner after the page is fully loaded and features a mix of content and ads.

Action when ready

The unit slides onto the page only when an ad is ready and available.

The sound you want to hear

Users have full control of the volume and an exit button to close.

S, M or L

Choose the size unit that best fits your site.

Video in Widget

Two unique options of integrating videos with sponsored content widgets.

Integrated Video

- Video as an item in the widget
- Works for landscape widgets: mobile and desktop


- Infinite scroll
- Supports video, sponsored content, organic, audience exchange, native
- Sound on hover